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BLI Technology for Vaccine R&D Service

The ravages of corona virus have triggered an urgent need for a vaccine. Vaccine development has been shortened from the conventional 8-10 years to 1-2 years, placing new technical requirements on accelerating the entire vaccine development and process. As a magic tool for vaccine development, BLI technology has made its presence felt in corona virus vaccine development. The BLI technology used is also a standard method in the US Pharmacopeia for binding activity and quantitative assays, which can accelerate vaccine development in the following ways.

BLI Technology for Vaccine R&D Service

  • Rapid concentration determination of vaccines
  • Binding activity studies of vaccines
  • Vaccine efficacy evaluation and mechanism studies
  • Residue testing

CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of BLI technology for vaccine R&D service to meet your scientific research needs.

Specific BLI Technology for Vaccine R&D Approaches We Offer

Specific BLI Technology for Vaccine R&D Approaches We Offer

1. Rapid determination of vaccine concentration

The receptor or antibody against the vaccine is cured on the sensor and then the vaccine potency (concentration) is quickly measured. The whole experiment can be done in less than 10 minutes and the concentration range is 0.1-1000 ug/mL, covering the concentration range during vaccine production, and the sample often does not need to be diluted.

2. Vaccine binding activity studies

Vaccines based on recombinant proteins or mRNA are generally spike protein structural domains whose binding activity to the receptor  ACE2 reflects their conformational correctness and is a prerequisite for neutralizing antibody production. We have additional advantages in measuring binding activity.

  • Real-time unlabeled, direct detection of vaccine and receptor binding without interference from washing steps
  • Fast test speed, typically within 10 minutes
  • Binding and dissociation rate constants can be calculated, allowing for more quantification of binding activity
  • No flow path, easy operation, high throughput, simple maintenance and low cost of consumables compared to other techniques

3. Vaccine evaluation - determination of antibody potency in serum

Potency testing of immune sera against vaccines is also an important indicator of the immunogenicity of vaccines. Vaccines are generally cured on the sensor and immunized animal/human sera at different dilutions are tested directly to quickly detect the potency of antibodies in the serum, and the binding capacity of antibodies can be known by calculating the dissociation constant or binding signal.

4. Vaccine evaluation - protective antigen epitope detection

The affinity of a vaccine to a series of known epitopes of neutralizing antibodies is measured to determine whether the vaccine maintains the correct conformation and to determine the ability to induce neutralizing antibody epitopes. It is mainly used for subunit vaccines and VLP vaccines.

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Please inform us of your specific BLI technology for vaccine R&D service details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

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Service Process

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  1. Related experimental results raw data
  2. BIL vaccine R&D results
  3. Experimental report
  4. Data analysis
  5. Image and result analysis
  6. Summary of relevant calculation parameters

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