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Endoscopic Biofilm Testing

Endoscopic Biofilm Testing

At present, various medical endoscopes are used more and more widely in clinical diagnosis and treatment, which greatly improves the diagnosis and treatment technology. Endoscope cleaning and disinfection is a complex and time-consuming process. Any negligence or irregularity in clinical operations will eventually lead to the formation of biofilms, which are difficult to remove and affect the effect of disinfection and sterilization. Numerous studies have demonstrated that biofilms persist in sterilized endoscopes, and although the incidence of endoscope-related infections is low, there is a close relationship between the two. Therefore, how to effectively detect endoscopic lumen biofilm and prevent infection has become the focus of clinical researchers in recent years. Now, CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of endoscopic biofilm testing service to meet your scientific research needs.

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CD BioSciences provides one-stop endoscopic biofilm testing services. We offer a variety of methods and equipment to choose from to meet your research needs. CD BioSciences commonly used endoscopic biofilm detection methods have been systematically compared in different studies, including but not limited to:

Endoscopic Biofilm Testing

Endoscopic Biofilm Testing Approaches We Offer

  • ATP bioluminescence testing method can be used for the testing of endoscopic instruments, and has the advantages of being simple, fast, and capable of detecting a variety of microorganisms.
  • Crystal violet staining is a simple but reliable method for quantifying total biomass.
  • In addition, safranin staining, Congo red agar (CRA) method; acridine orange DNA fluorescence and SYTO9 staining can quantify the total number of bacterial cells.
  • Fluorescein isothiocyanate staining is most suitable for quantitative testing of biofilm proteins.
  • Viable counts Methods that measure typical parameters of viable bacteria such as metabolic activity, membrane integrity or proliferation can be used to specifically quantify these bacterial cells.
  • Scanning electron microscope observation, borescope inspection, etc. are used to visually observe biofilms.

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Please inform us of your specific endoscopic biofilm testing service details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

Service Process

Service Process

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  • CD BioSciences has established a proven biofilm technology platform for a variety of applications. We'll help you design the right biofilm technology service to aid your scientific research.
  • CD BioSciences is a leading biofilm technology company offering a trusted suite of services and solutions, especially with our extensive experience in biofilm testing.
  • With our talented people and years of experience, we can fully meet your project requirements and budget in exploring fluorescent markers of biofilms.

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CD BioSciences is committed to providing customers with comprehensive biofilm testing services to help customers study biofilms more efficiently. Our excellent technology platform can realize a variety of biofilm technology services, and the praise from customers all over the world is the proof of our high-quality services. If you would like to know more about this service, please feel free to contact us.

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CD BioSciences is a specialized company providing biofilm services with expertise in the intersection of chemistry and biophysics. Our platform offers advanced technologies to meet all your biofilm needs.

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