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Application of Biofilm in Medicine

Why Should We Pay Attention to Biofilms?

Application of Biofilm in Medicine

From a medical perspective, biofilms have a significant impact on human health and medicine. Bacterial biofilms are a key cause of medical device contamination and the development of microbial and chronic infections in the body. In fact, biofilms are the source of many human diseases because they cause serious infections and have anti-microbial drug properties. In particular, microbial cells living within biofilms are much more resistant to antibiotics and disinfectants, which makes biofilm infections difficult to treat. For these reasons, knowledge on biofilms, their prevention, and treatment can enhance medical and dental practices.

Medical Importance of Biofilm Research

Research on biofilm formation, prevention and treatment may enhance medical and dental practice due to the significant impact biofilms have on human health. Biofilms have been found to be a part of many chronic infections and may contribute to the development of cancer. Therefore, understanding how biofilms contribute to disease pathogenesis is important for the development of effective treatments for biofilm-associated infections. The research field focuses on the formation of biofilms on implants and solid support matrices or scaffolds to gain knowledge about the communication between biofilm cells. Namely, it is hoped to find solutions to antibiotic resistance or to better understand complex communities.

Application of Biofilm in Medicine

3D Biofilm Electrode Reactor

  • Application of Biofilms Drug Resistance

Recent studies of biofilm-specific high levels of antimicrobial drug tolerance/resistance have revealed the existence of other well-known mechanisms of drug resistance in biofilm-embedded cells. These mechanisms are common in planktonic cells, and many microorganisms have devised ingenious ways to exploit the same mechanisms that are specific to biofilm cells.

Application of Biofilms in Chronic Infections

  • Application of Biofilms in Chronic Infections

During acute infections, microorganisms are present in the host for a relatively short period of time. In contrast, chronic infections may persist for long periods of time. Thus, the chronically infected body site of the host provides a near-perfect ecological niche for long-term interactions of infecting microorganisms to establish reciprocal or synergistic interactions that lead to biofilm formation and possible gene transfer. For example, microbial biofilms are known to play a key role in prolonging the chronic phase of chronic diabetic wounds.

Application of Biofilms in the Regulation of Immune Responses

  • Application of Biofilms in the Regulation of Immune Responses

Microbial biofilms are also well-known modulators of the host immune response to invading pathogens. Typically, host-triggered inflammatory responses are directed against infectious microorganisms and are designed to protect host cells and destroy invading pathogens. In contrast, there are several clinical situations involving chronic infections in which pro-inflammatory immune responses against pathogens are more harmful than helpful to host cells. In most cases, the presence of microbial biofilms is the underlying cause of the misdirected attack.

Our Solutions About Biofilm in Medicine

  • We can assist you with genetic testing related to biofilm formation, biofilm antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and biofilm-producing microbial testing.
  • We offer specialized biofilm resistance genetic testing and biofilm-drug interaction testing.
  • If needed, you can also choose from biofilm antimicrobial efficacy testing services and biofilm inhibition or disruption testing.

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