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BLI Technology for Antibody Content Assay

Principle of Biofilm Interference (BLI) for Quantitative Detection of Antibodies

Principle of Biofilm Interference (BLI) for Quantitative Detection of Antibodies

Biofilm interferometry (BLI) uses Protein A sensors to quantify antibodies. The thickness of the membrane layer at the end of the sensor changes due to the capture of antibody molecules by Protein A, which is reflected by the displacement value of the interference spectrum, and the graph of the displacement versus time of the interference spectrum provides the kinetic number of antibody molecules bound by Protein A at the end of the sensor. The concentration of the antibody sample can be calculated based on the rate at which Protein A captures antibody molecules in the same time.

Specific Antibody Content Detection Approaches We Offer

The Protein A biosensor was selected and the sample counterpart Buffer was used as the lysis matrix for the preparation of standards and samples. Different concentrations of standards were prepared with the dissolution matrix, and double wells were set up for each concentration; double wells were set up for unknown samples to be tested; the dissolution matrix was used as blank control and internal reference. All standards and samples to be tested were added to a 96-well black plate at 200 μl/well. The samples were assayed by quantitiative assays in the biomolecular interaction instrument.

HPLC and ELISA methods

Specific Antibody Content Detection Approaches We Offer

In addition to the BLI method, we also offer HPLC and ELISA methods for the detection of antibody samples. The BLI, HPLC and ELISA methods are basically the same for the detection of antibody samples; the BLI technique has a high error (CV<5%), rapid detection, high throughput, no sample pretreatment, and is suitable for the screening of antibody samples as well as antibody stock solutions, intermediates and other samples with complex Buffer composition. It is suitable for the screening of antibody samples and the detection of samples with complex Buffer components such as antibody stock solution and intermediate.

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Please inform us of your specific BLI technology for antibody content assay service details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

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Service Process

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  1. Related experimental results raw data
  2. Antibody content detection results
  3. Remaining samples
  4. Experimental report
  5. Data analysis
  6. Image and result analysis
  7. Summary of relevant calculation parameters

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