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Application of Biofilms in Pharmacy

Application of Biofilms in Pharmacy

Application of Biofilms in New Dosage Forms

  • Application of Biofilms in New Dosage Forms

Liposomes and vesicles have a bilayer structure similar to biological membranes as a drug delivery system with strong membrane affinity to increase drug bioavailability. The immobilization of liposomes or vesicles on a matrix is commonly used for chromatography, i.e. immobilized liposome chromatography. The interaction between monomeric drugs, precursor drugs and simulated biofilms was investigated using DSC and Langmuir-Blodgett methods[1-2].

Application of Biofilms in Pharmacokinetic

  • Application of Biofilms in Pharmacokinetic

The absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs in absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs in the body are all related to drug-membrane interactions and cell membrane permeability. Whether a candidate drug can be used as a drug depends largely on its passive transport absorption rate and the permeability of biofilms and physiological membrane barriers. Immobilized phospholipid membrane chromatography is made by chemically bonding monolayer or multilayer phospholipid membranes to a certain matrix to make chromatographic packing. The oral utilization of clinical oral drugs is a key factor affecting drug efficacy using simulated biofilms can predict the oral absorption of drugs in vitro. Jingoish et al. used IAM analysis of drugs with different structures to predict the absorption of orally administered drugs based on their chromatographic retention values and found that drugs with relative molecular mass less than 200 and oral absorption not greater than 90% were more suitable for biofilm chromatography analysis and the results correlated better with in vivo measurements[3].

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