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Qualitative Characterization of Biofilms

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CD BioSciences provides one-stop qualitative characterization of biofilms service. We offer a variety of methods and equipment to choose from to meet your research needs. Quantitative approaches to biofilm characterization are often accompanied by qualitative methods to characterize and aid, such as imaging of physiological biofilm surfaces, structural assessment of surface roughness, morphology, spatial organization, and interactions of biofilms with the environment. Opticaland fluorescence microscopy methods, which are increasingly used for quantitative and surface structure analysis due to their ease of use and ability to visualize living biofilms.

Qualitative Characterization of Biofilms

Qualitative Characterization of Biofilms Approaches We Offer

Scanning Electron Microscope

We use SEM methods for developing high-resolution, magnified images of surface topography. The overall magnification range is approximately 10-500,000x, making this technique invaluable for analyzing microstructures, including biofilms. SEM allows collection of high-resolution images for assessing bacterial interactions, EPS organization, and biofilm morphology, which contributes to a better understanding of formation and persistence.

Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy

To overcome the difficulties of sample preparation, the environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM) method allows the imaging of untreated samples without the need for complete dehydration or vacuum. ESEM uses all the image generation techniques of SEM (i.e. background scattering, secondary electrons, transmission ).

Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

In addition, we also used scanning electrochemical microscopy to evaluate the topology and chemical properties of the biofilm surface. The technique employs microelectrodes on the micrometer scale that scan the surface in the presence of an appropriate redox reagent and induce a redox reaction when a potential is applied between the tip and the surface. This general technique can provide an additional dimension to 3D models of biofilms based on the distribution of reactive groups used to determine how extracellular polymer (EPS) components are distributed on the biofilm surface.

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Please inform us of your specific qualitative characterization of biofilms service details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

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Service Process

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