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Application of Biofilms in Immunotherapy


Based on the diversity of tumor immune microenvironment and the complexity of tumor immune response, how to effectively deliver immunotherapeutic drugs such as tumor antigens, immune-related cytokines and monoclonal antibodies is the key point and difficulty in the research of tumor immunotherapy. The application of biofilm system to tumor immunotherapy can effectively protect the biological activity of immune-related molecules such as tumor antigens and achieve their long-lasting circulation in blood and targeted delivery to tumor sites, and also solve many difficulties and challenges faced by current tumor immunotherapy strategies through targeted modifications and modifications, and thus has great potential for clinical translation.

Application of Biofilms in Immunotherapy

Application in Immunostimulatory Cytokines

  • Application in Immunostimulatory Cytokines

Tumor microenvironment-responsive nanodrug carriers have been extensively studied for their good controlled release effects, and the use of specific adsorption of immunostimulatory factors on the surface of cell membranes allows for the diversification of the design and function of biofilm nanodrug-carrying particles. For example, Song Q et al. used erythrocyte membranes to adsorb IL-2 and internally wrapped pH-responsive hydrogels containing paclitaxel. The biofilm nanoparticles have both pH-responsive properties of tumor microenvironment to control drug release and regulate tumor immune microenvironment to stimulate the body's immune response, thus significantly improving the effect of tumor chemotherapy.

Application in Monoclonal Antibodies and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

  • Application in Monoclonal Antibodies and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Using genetic engineering technology, monoclonal antibodies can be directly modified on the surface of biofilm as tumor targeting molecules, and biofilm nanodrug delivery systems with tumor-specific targeting functions can be prepared. By loading chemotherapeutic drugs, both targeted drug delivery and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxic effects (ADCC) can be initiated at the tumor site. This study is based on cell membrane nanocarriers that use monoclonal antibodies to target tumor sites to guide the delivery of oncology drugs and enable the combination of 2 strategies, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Modulation of Immune Microenvironment

  • Modulation of Immune Microenvironment

Biofilm can effectively inhibit tumor invasion and infiltration by regulating the inflammatory response in the tumor microenvironment, thus improving the effectiveness of tumor immunotherapy and inhibiting tumor metastasis and recurrence The good flexibility of biofilms allows them to be encapsulated on the surface of nanoparticles of many different sizes, components and physicochemical properties, increasing the diversity of cell membrane nanoparticle composition.

Application in Tumor Vaccines

  • Application in Tumor Vaccines

Tumor vaccines are designed to inhibit the growth, metastasis and recurrence of tumor cells by using tumor cell-associated antigens in combination with other immunostimulatory factors to induce the body to activate specific cellular and humoral immune responses. The good flexibility of biofilms allows them to be encapsulated on the surfaces of nanoparticles of various sizes, components and physicochemical properties, increasing the diversity of cell membrane nanoparticle composition.

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