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In Vitro Model Construction of Legionella pneumophila Biofilm

In Vitro Model Construction of Legionella pneumophila Biofilm

Legionella pneumophila is a thin, aerobic, pleomorphic, flagellated, non-spore-forming Gram-negative bacterium of the genus Legionella. L. pneumophila is the major human pathogen of this group and is the causative agent of Legionnaires' disease (also known as Legionnaires' disease). The hospital tap water system is the main source of infection for hospital-acquired infections, and it is a gathering place for water-borne pathogens. Legionella in water exists in the form of biofilm, and establishing a stable and effective model of Legionella biofilm is the first step in the study of Legionella. Now, CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of in vivo model construction of Legionella pneumophila biofilm service to meet your scientific research needs.

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CD BioSciences provides one-stop in vitro model construction of Legionella pneumophila biofilm service. We offer a variety of methods and equipment to choose from to meet your research needs.

In Vitro Model Construction of Legionella pneumophila Biofilm Approaches We Offer

Service: We can simulate the hospital water supply system to build a circulating water pipeline model, and build a stable Legionella pneumophila ecosystem in the model. The advantages and disadvantages of different biofilm research methods are compared through literature analysis.

Analysis method: Fish analysis, real-time PCR

Statistical methods: SPSS statistical software was used to analyze the data, and P<0.05 was considered statistically significant.

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  • Mature in vitro biofilm construction process
  • Professional biofilm technology platform supports biofilm construction
  • Professional after-sales service
  • Simple and fast workflow

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Please inform us of your specific in vitro model construction of Legionella pneumophila biofilm service details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

Service Process

Service Process

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  • CD BioSciences provides customers with proven solutions for specific biofilm construction in a user-friendly, fast, accurate and cost-effective format.
  • CD BioSciences has established a proven biofilm construction technology platform for a variety of applications. We'll help you design the right solutions to help you in your biofilm research.
  • We have accumulated many years of essence in the field of biofilm construction, helping customers to speed up project development and improve the overall success rate of the project.


  • Results of Legionella pneumophila biofilm model construction
  • Related experimental results raw data
  • Data analysis
  • Image and result analysis

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As a leading provider of biofilm technology services, CD BioSciences offers powerful, comprehensive solutions for biofilm construction that will advance your research and provide you with tremendously beneficial options in your future biofilm construction! We ensure your efficient standard workflow and high-quality data. If you are interested in microbial identification, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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