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Biofilm Prevention Concentration Testing Services

Your challenges inspire us at CD BioSciences, where we employ our years of experience and advanced scientific solutions to combat biofilm formation.

Introduction of Biofilm Prevention Concentration

Biofilm prevention concentration (BPC) constitutes a significant criterion in antimicrobial testing. It quantifies the lowest concentration of an antimicrobial agent that can inhibit biofilm formation by microbes. Biofilms – the communities of microorganisms associated with the hydrated surface matrix – form when microorganisms adhere to surfaces and secrete an extracellular matrix for protection and survival. BPC testing techniques precisely measure this phenomenon. Uncontrolled biofilm formation can lead to surface corrosion, impaired device performances, and severe health complications when it involves medical devices. The engine of our work lies in the importance of being able to accurately detect the minimum concentration of a bactericide that can prevent biofilm formation. Effective BPC testing forms the basis for mitigating risks, improving product performance, and ultimately ensuring human safety and health.

Biofilm prevention concentration.

Our Biofilm Prevention Concentration Testing Services

At CD BioSciences, we deliver top-tier BPC assay services specializing in biofilm exploration, defining a preeminent methodology for biofilm obstruction. We produce services intentionally crafted to assess the antimicrobial substances and establish potent strategies to regulate biofilm creation.

Our BPC assay services are steered by progressive technological advancements and thorough research. We harness avant-garde techniques such as Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) and Flow Cell System to deliver exceptionally precise and trustworthy outcomes. We take a holistic approach to our services, taking into account all pertinent biological, chemical, and environmental elements affecting biofilm development.

Biofilm Prevention Concentration Testing Process

The BPC assay procedure commences with an introductory interview to comprehend your specific assay requirements. This knowledge assists in the creation of optimal assay strategies. Antimicrobial agents are subject to biofilm-generating bacteria in a controlled environment. Once this is done, the samples undergo robust analysis employing first-rate methodologies and equipment. A comprehensive report detailing BPC assay findings ensues.

Service Process

Service Process

Why Choose Us

Our team at CD BioSciences melds superior technology with our experienced scientists' proficiency for delivering enlightened BPC assay findings. Our operations are customer-oriented, presenting customized services attuned to your individual assay demands. Our reputation is built on expedited turnaround time, reliable outcomes, and commendable client service.


Utility BPC assay plays a crucial role in fields like healthcare, maritime, food & beverages, water sanitation, and dentistry. Virtually any field where biofilm build-up presents substantial challenges would benefit from our BPC assay services.

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