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Candida albicans Biofilm Testing

Candida albicans Biofilm Testing

Candida albicans is an important part of the normal oral microbiota, and is also one of the most common opportunistic fungi and nosocomial pathogens in humans. And infections of deep tissue organs (viscera or implanted devices). Especially in human immunodeficiency patients, the mortality rate caused by systemic infection caused by Candida albicans is as high as 29% to 76%. Numerous studies have shown that Candida albicans generally exists in the form of biofilms. Biofilms and planktonic states are two completely different living states, and individuals in the two states have distinct biological characteristics, the most important of which is that the microorganisms in biofilms are highly resistant to almost all antimicrobial drugs. ability, which leads to the persistence of some chronic diseases. Now, CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of Candida albicans biofilm testing service to meet your scientific research needs.

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Candida albicans Biofilm Testing Approaches We Offer

  • Candida albicans biofilm testing
    There are many methods for the detection of biofilms, such as MTT reagent, XTT reagent, colony count method (CFU method) and AlamarBlue reagent. The AlamarBlue reagent has begun to be used in drug susceptibility testing of biofilms. The main component of AlamarBlue reagent is a redox indicator, which is violet-blue and non-fluorescent in the oxidized state, and converted into a pink or red fluorescent reduction product in the reduced state, and its absorption peak is 530-560 nm, while the scattering peak is 590 nm.
  • Drug susceptibility testing
    We used four experimental methods (CFU method, AlamarBlue analysis method, XTT reduction method and MTT reduction method) to detect the drug susceptibility of Candida albicans 48h mature biofilm, and used the CFU method as the standard to evaluate the relationship between the other three methods. Correlations and differences in the CFU method.

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Service Process

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  • CD BioSciences provides professional biofilm testing services. We have a variety of testing methods, you can choose according to your needs.
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CD BioSciences is a professional biofilm technology provider, supporting a variety of biofilm testing services. We are able to perform individual tests at the most precise level, as well as design and complete a suite of services as a solution to the subject project. CD BioSciences has accumulated years of quintessence in the field of biofilm detection, helping our clients accelerate drug discovery and development and improve the overall success rate of their projects. For more details on how we can support your project with innovation, please feel free to contact us.

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