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Minimum Biofilm Inhibitory Concentration Assay Services

At CD BioSciences, we are dedicated to providing quality MBIC assay services that will equip you with actionable insights for your biofilm related study.

Introduction of MBIC

Minimal Biofilm Inhibitory Concentration (MBIC) assay refers to a specialized laboratory method used to determine the lowest concentration of an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the biofilm formation of an organism. Biofilms, communities of microorganisms enclosed within a self-constructed matrix, exhibit distinct characteristics compared to free-floating organisms, with enhanced resistance against antimicrobial treatments being the most noteworthy. MBIC assay not only serves as a diagnostic tool for biofilm-related infections but also aids in the development, assessment, and selection of new antimicrobial agents. Given the tricky nature of biofilms and their resistance to conventional treatment methods, it's crucial to determine the MBIC that effectively inhibits biofilm production.

Minimum biofilm inhibitory concentration.

Our MBIC Assay Services

At CD BioSciences, we offer comprehensive MBIC assay services. Our specialized team of biologists with years of experience in dealing with biofilms carry out accurate and repeatable tests for our clients. The principal focus of our MBIC process is to ensure efficient and reliable data generation for your biofilm research needs. We offer several approaches according to the specific project requirements:

  • Standard MBIC Assay

To determine the MBIC of antimicrobial agents against a wide range of microbial species.

  • Customized MBIC Assay Development

Custom assays tailored to specific research needs.

  • High-throughput Screening

To fulfill large-scale MBIC-related projects.

  • Biofilm Inhibition Studies

Utilizing confocal microscopy and live-dead staining techniques.

MBIC Assay Process

We uphold a high standard for our MBIC assay process, which in general, involves the initial inoculation of microbial cells onto suitable substrates, controlled incubation to allow biofilm establishment, antimicrobial treatments, biofilm quantification, and comprehensive data analysis.

Service Process

Service Process

Why Choose Us

Client satisfaction and data integrity are our priority. We are characterized by our adaptability, high-standard practices, experienced team, and accurate reporting ensuring that our clients receive results that can contribute substantially to their research. Furthermore, we also maintain strict confidentiality of the project and data, ensuring research privacy.


Our MBIC assay services find applications in pharmaceutical companies, antibiotics development, medical material research, health care industry, academical research, water treatment plants and many more sectors which require the assessment of antimicrobial efficacy against biofilms.

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