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Application of Biofilm in Industry

Application of Biofilm in Industry

Biofilm is defined as a community in which microorganisms are attached to animate or inanimate surfaces, embedded in a gel layer in a self-produced additional polymer matrix, attached to each other, attached to a solid surface or interface. Unfavorable environmental conditions lead to biofilm formation by inducing microbial transformation from planktonic to sequestered cell forms and altering the metabolism of bacteria in the biofilm. Bacteria in biofilm matrices produce specific secondary metabolites and acquire robustness. Although biofilms are often considered potentially damaging to clinical and other industrial areas, many biofilms are beneficial, and the food and agricultural industries may primarily benefit from biofilms in terms of their biochemical, fermentation, antimicrobial and biotechnological properties. Microorganisms in biofilm matrices can positively influence the quality characteristics of food products by producing specific secondary metabolites, such as texture, biochemical composition and organoleptic properties. In addition, biofilms are important for water and soil safety in agricultural lands.

Application of Biofilm in Industry

  • 3D Biofilm Electrode Reactor

The 3D biofilm electrode reactor is a new technology that adds conductive particles between electrodes to increase the contact between microorganisms and pollutants. This results in higher mass transfer and promotes electrocatalytic electrodes on which microorganisms will degrade the contaminants in the water.

  • Membrane Biofilm Reactor

The membrane bioreactor filters out flocs from activated sludge, while the membrane biofilm reactor is fed with gas to promote biofilm growth on the hydrophobic membrane surface. The biofilm grows on a fixed surface rather than in suspension. These reactors have the potential to effectively remove micropollutants from wastewater.

  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

In a moving bed biofilm reactor, biofilms are grown on small plastic or sponge-based carriers that are circulated through the bioreactor by aeration or mechanical agitation. This allows for a high degree of contact between pollutants in the wastewater and the addition of more carriers can increase the biodegradation rate.

  • Algal Biofilm Reactors

Algal biofilm reactors can be used for wastewater treatment and biofuel production. Controlling conditions to optimize microalgal growth and potential contamination from pathogens in wastewater remains challenging. Light availability, CO2 supply and O2 removal are also important to promote the growth of microalgae as it depends on photosynthesis. Wastewater may also require pretreatment, for example, by adding other nutrients such as carbon and silicon.


Start-up times for biofilm reactors are typically long, as it may take several days for bacteria to attach to the carrier. In addition, it may take weeks or even months to accumulate a sufficient amount of biomass. In contrast, excessive biomass growth can also clog the bioreactor, leading to downtime for maintenance and lost profits. Process operation and control is also challenging for the dynamic environment of the bioreactor.

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