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BLI Technology for Antibody and Antigen Affinity Assay

Biofilm Interference (BLI) is the fastest growing label-free detection technology in the world, which can monitor the entire intermolecular binding process in real time and calculate the affinity (kD), binding rate (ka), dissociation rate (kd) and other important data between molecules, providing real-time, non-labeled molecular interaction and content detection information. CD BioSciences provide BLI technology for antibody and antigen affinity assay to help customers complete biofilm related research.

Specific Antibody and Antigen Affinity Assay Approaches We Offer

Specific Antibody and Antigen Affinity Assay Approaches We Offer

  • We use the biolayer interferometry (BLI) technique to provide a comprehensive analysis of the affinity and kinetics of antibody-antigen interactions.
  • The streptavidin (SA) biosensor is in high demand for antibody clone screening and kinetic constant determination.
  • Based on BLI technology, we have developed a method to detect antibody-antigen affinity using a regenerated sensor. The affinity constants of the antigen-antibody were calculated by coupling biotinylated antigen to the SA biosensor and then binding to four types of antibodies: single-chain antibody, bivalent single-chain antibody, intact antibody and bispecific antibody.
  • The SA sensor was regenerated with glycine (10 mmol-L-1, pH 1.7), and the intermolecular interaction force analysis was performed again. The regenerated SA biosensor was used to measure the intermolecular affinity with reliable, reproducible and stable data, and the regenerated sensor can be used for real-time, label-free antigen-antibody interaction analysis of this sample.

Provided by Clients

Please inform us of your specific BLI technology for antibody and antigen affinity assay service details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

Sample Requirements

Buffer: PBS, HEPPS, etc. without organic reagents, without Tris
Antibody sample: 200 ug, concentration >0.5 mg/ml

Service Process

Service Process

Our Features

  • CD BioSciences will complete your project on time and efficiently. We have professional after-sales service. We provide customers with efficient and feasible solutions.
  • CD BioSciences works with scientists from many biotechnology companies. We have extensive knowledge and experience to provide quality assurance services.
  • We have accumulated many years of essence in the field of biofilm BLI service, helping customers to speed up project development and improve the overall success rate of the project.



  1. Related experimental results raw data
  2. Antibody and antigen affinity assay results
  3. Remaining samples
  4. Experimental report
  5. Data analysis
  6. Image and result analysis
  7. Summary of relevant calculation parameters

Why Choose Us?

CD BioSciences is a professional biofilm technology provider, supporting a variety of antibody and antigen affinity assay service. We are able to perform individual tests at the most precise level, as well as design and complete a suite of services as a solution to the subject project. CD BioSciences has many years of experience in antibody and antigen affinity assay service and has been a trusted partner to our clients for a long time. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project.

For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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