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Minimum Biofilm Eradication Concentration Assay Services

At CD BioSciences, we prioritize scientific rigor and customization in our MBEC assay services. We have invested in modern technologies to offer advanced detection and accurate quantification of the antibiotic resistance of biofilms, providing a reliable platform for critical scientific decisions.

Introduction of MBEC

Minimum Biofilm Eradication Concentration (MBEC) assay represents a pioneering technique in the field of biofilm research. It is a quantitative, high-throughput method used to determine the accurate antibiotic concentration needed to eradicate a biofilm, consisting of microorganisms embedded in an extracellular matrix, renowned for its role in chronic infections and its resistance to antimicrobial treatment.

MBEC assay has transformed the realm of bacteriology and microbial therapeutics. It enables the accurate determination of antibiotic resistance of biofilms, thereby leading to more efficacious strategies in treating biofilm-related infections. Enhanced understanding of biofilm's resistance mechanisms can significantly contribute to the advancement of novel therapeutics and targeted healthcare solutions.

Minimum biofilm eradication concentration.

Our MBEC Assay Services

Biofilms represent a resilient mode of microbial growth, offering protection against the immune system and are resistant to antibiotics. To test this antibiotic resistance, CD BioSciences offers comprehensive MBEC assay and crystal violet biomass staining assay services.

  • MBEC Assay

MBEC is the lowest concentration necessary to eradicate already formed biofilm. Which have been served as a guide for the treatment of biofilm-associated infections. CD BioSciences provides the high efficiency, high throughput and accurate MBIC assay services to test antimicrobial agent efficacy against bacterial biofilm. Our comprehensive range of MBEC assay methods includes determined by 96-well microtiter plates as well as by microdilution in open systems such as biofilm reactors and flow-through cell systems.

  • Crystal Violet Staining

Crystal violet is a basic dye that has a good affinity for extracellular polysaccharides. When a crystal violet solution comes into contact with a bacterial attachment surface, the bacteria bind to the dye to form purple crystals. At CD BioSciences, crystal violet staining can be performed in conjunction with the MBEC assay or as an independent assay to evaluate biofilm biomass.

MBEC Assay Process

Our MBEC assay process is meticulously designed to ensure precision and reproducibility in results. The process involves the following key steps,

  • Biofilm Formation

We cultivate biofilms using relevant microbial strains under conditions that mimic real-world scenarios. This step ensures the development of mature and robust biofilms for accurate testing.

  • Antimicrobial Exposure

The biofilms are then exposed to a range of antimicrobial concentrations to determine the minimum concentration required for eradication. This step allows for a comprehensive assessment of antimicrobial efficacy.

  • Quantitative Analysis

We use advanced analytical techniques and equipment to quantitatively analyze biofilms following antimicrobial exposure.

  • Data Interpretation

Our team of experts provides our clients with detailed data interpretation reports.

Service Process

Service Process

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Choosing CD BioSciences for your MBEC assay needs ensures a range of benefits.

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We are ready to collaborate, innovate and contribute to the advancement of biofilm research and therapeutics. If you are interested in utilizing the power of MBEC assays in your research or industry, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can meet your research needs.

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