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Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Testing Services

MIC testing is an invaluable asset in the fields of clinical microbiology and pharmaceutical development. At CD BioSciences, our cutting-edge technologies combined with our dedicated team of professional scientists promise the highest quality of MIC testing services.

Introduction of MIC

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) testing is a critical pharmacological assay used to determine the lowest concentration of a particular antimicrobial agent that successfully inhibits the growth of a pathogen. The results of this process play a crucial role in providing an annotation to the bacteria's susceptibility or resistance to the antimicrobial agent under observation. Undeniable is the magnitude of the potency of this procedure, especially in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical microbiology. By figuring out the minimum inhibitory concentration, MIC gives clinicians and pharmaceutical companies the information needed to choose the most effective antimicrobial drug and dosage to combat a specific bacterial infection. Consequently, MIC testing mitigates the risks of under-treatment and the potential development of antimicrobial resistance.

Minimum inhibitory concentration.

Our MIC Testing Services

At CD BioSciences, our MIC testing services are designed to deliver utmost precision and reliability, ensuring that our clients receive accurate, prompt, and detailed results. In keeping with our commitment to sequence-dependent medications, our approaches vary according to the complexity of the project. We use conventional methods like broth and agar dilution tests and E-tests. Furthermore, we also employ advanced techniques such as automated and molecular microbiology methods, aligned with the latest advancements in scientific technology.

MIC Testing Methods Methods Description Advantages
Broth Dilution Method This is a colour development method used to measure the susceptibility of bacteria to specific antibiotics. Flexibility of testing many different concentrations of antibiotics in a single experiment.
Agar Dilution Method Consists of adding different concentrations of antibiotics to an agar medium, adding a sample containing the bacteria to be tested after curing. Accurate and reliable.
E-test Method Uses a gradient concentration antibiotic strip labelled with the concentration of the antibiotic in relation to the diameter of the ring of inhibition. Simple to perform and the results are intuitive and easy to interpret.
Automated and Molecular Microbiology Methods PCR-based genetic testing for antibiotic resistance or automated antibiotic susceptibility testing systems based on microfloatation technology. Speed, standardisation and the ability to analyse a large number of samples at the same time.

MIC Testing Process

The MIC testing process at CD BioSciences involves multiple rigorous steps. We start with the collection and preparation of the microbial samples. Then, a series of tests are conducted using different concentrations of antimicrobial agents. Once the minimum inhibitory concentration is identified, the results are then meticulously interpreted and documented by our team of experts.

Service Process

Service Process

Why Choose Us

Choosing CD BioSciences for MIC testing services means choosing reliability, quality, and accuracy. With the integration of extensive expertise and advanced technology, we make an unwavering promise to deliver optimal results. Our customer-centric services, coupled with solid confidentiality protocols, make us an admirable choice in MIC testing services.


Our MIC testing services are applicable in various fields which include, but are not limited to,

  • Pharmaceutical development.
  • Quality control in food and beverage industry.
  • Diagnostics development.
  • Identifying potential therapeutic agents in biotechnology.

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