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Biofilm Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis

Biofilm Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-destructive tool for biofilm imaging without staining, for measuring biofilm thickness and for presumptive comparison of biofilm structure based on signal intensity distribution in OCT images. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a fast, real-time, in situ and nondestructive imaging method that does not require any staining and is widely used in biofilm studies to measure biofilm thickness and morphology. OCT is based on light scattering from matrix surfaces, including biofilms growing on these surfaces. Therefore, objects with higher light scattering will produce higher signal intensities than objects with lower scattering, resulting in a signal intensity distribution in the OCT image of the biofilm.

Overall Solutions

CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of biofilm optical coherence tomography analysis service to meet your scientific research needs. We provide a method to analyze and quantitatively compare the intensity distribution in different OCT images of biofilms, from which biofilm structure and bulk bacterial density can be derived.

Biofilm Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis Approaches We Offer

Biofilm Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis Approaches We Offer

  • Because it is difficult to quantitatively compare biofilm signal intensities in OCT images due to the auto-scaling applied in OCT instruments to ensure the best quality of individual images, we use specialized imaging methods to eliminate the effects of auto-scaling in order to quantitatively compare biofilm densities in different images.
  • To measure biofilm thickness from OCT images, we can distinguish the whiteness of the biofilm, which reflects high signal intensity, from the relative black background of its aqueous environment, which can be accomplished by defining the exact location of the biofilm surface with an appropriate threshold.
  • At CD BioSciences, simply let us know your specific project needs. We will suggest the best strategy for you.
  • SPSS statistical software was used to examine the data for correlation coefficients.

Provided by Clients

Please inform us of your specific biofilm optical coherence tomography analysis service details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

Service Process

Service Process

Our Features

  • We are a specialist biofilm technology provider and we are able to perform individual analysis services at the most precise level.
  • We have accumulated years of quintessence in the field of biofilm formation ability testing, helping our clients to accelerate project development and improve the overall success rate of the project.
  • Our high-quality biofilm optical coherence tomography analysis services enable customers to choose according to their scientific needs.

Why Choose Us?

As a professional biofilm service provider, CD BioSciences provides high-quality biofilm optical coherence tomography analysis service to help customers study biofilms more efficiently. Our excellent technology platform can realize a variety of biofilm technology services and solve all difficulties encountered in research for customers. For more details on how we can support your project with innovation, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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