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Biofilm Genomics and Metagenomics Services

The advent of high-throughput sequencing technologies has allowed researchers to obtain genome-scale information about biofilms. Some of these techniques also provide information on genome modifications, which may be a mechanism affecting gene expression and cell physiology in biofilms. These new sequencing technologies have been used to obtain complete genome sequences of thousands of microorganisms, and the declining cost of obtaining genome sequences has made complete genome sequences of many more strains feasible. Next-generation sequencing technologies combined with functional genomics studies, such as transposon mutation libraries and transcriptomic studies, provide insights into cellular activity within biofilms, the roles of essential genes in biofilm formation, and the structure of native biofilm communities. information. Now, CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of biofilm genomics and metagenomics services to meet your scientific research needs.

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CD BioSciences provides one-stop biofilm genomics and metagenomics services. We offer various methods to choose from to meet your research needs.

Biofilm Genomics and Metagenomics Services

Biofilm Genomics and Metagenomics Services Approaches We Offer

  • Next Generation Sequencing Technology
    Next-generation sequencing technologies can provide sequences of billions of nucleotides from a single sample. Therefore, this technique can be used to obtain sequence information of the entire microbial community (metagenome). Analysis of conserved genetic data from communities, such as 16S ribosomal RNA and multilocus sequence typing, can characterize microbial community structure and, to some extent, individual microbial abundance. Since metagenomic data can be used to obtain information on all genes, not just conserved genes, this information can be used to obtain the genetic potential of microbial communities.
  • Metagenomic Analysis Technology
    We offer metagenomic analysis techniques that have been applied to low-diversity biofilms, which may have moderate levels of diversity, especially when environmental conditions affect the community, allowing only certain types of microorganisms that are adapted to that environment to grow. Next-generation sequencing techniques are applicable to very complex microbial communities and have been used to characterize the community structure of human microbial communities, including oral biofilm microbial communities and the gut microbiome.

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Please inform us of your specific biofilm genomics and metagenomics services details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.

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Service Process

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  • CD BioSciences has a proven, advanced biofilm technology platform that is constantly being improved to ensure that we can provide accurate, sensitive, and rapid analytical results for our customers.
  • CD BioSciences offers a variety of methods to meet your needs. We specialize in biofilm analysis project services with very competitive prices and fast turnaround times.
  • With talented people and years of experience, we can fully meet your project requirements and budget in exploring biofilms.

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CD BioSciences is a company that provides professional and comprehensive biofilm genomics and metagenomics services. We have years of experience to meet your specific project needs in using biofilm research to add value to your research projects. CD BioSciences can provide you with personalized solutions to help you thrive every step of the way around your gene of interest in your workflow. If you would like to know more details about biofilm peeling service, please feel free to contact us.

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CD BioSciences is a specialized company providing biofilm services with expertise in the intersection of chemistry and biophysics. Our platform offers advanced technologies to meet all your biofilm needs.

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