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Biofilms Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

Biofilms Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

Biofilms cause resistance to many antimicrobial agents. The result of indwelling biofilms on medical devices is recurring, untreatable infections and medical device failure. To overcome chronic and recurrent infections, it is important to detect microbial biofilms and determine their antimicrobial susceptibility. In addition, identifying genes involved in biofilm formation and measuring gene expression due to anti-biofilm and antibacterial activity of agents may be beneficial in biofilm research. Now, CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of biofilms antimicrobial susceptibility testing services to meet your scientific research needs.

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CD BioSciences has accumulated rich experience in antimicrobial susceptibility testing research. Our professional biofilm technology team and advanced technology platform can help customers solve all the challenges encountered in the research process. Regarding antimicrobial susceptibility testing in biofilm mode, we provide a variety of methods and instruments for testing, including:

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Biofilm Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Approaches We Offer

  • MBEC assay
    We determined the biofilm remaining after eradication by the agent by the microtiter plate method, according to the MtP method to form bacterial biofilms lining the well walls. The MBEC assay is a quantitative method for measuring biofilm production by a microplate reader.
  • Microtiter plate assay indicating biofilm production.Figure 1. Microtiter plate assay indicating biofilm production. (Krmusaolu S.2019)

  • bMIC and bMBC assays
    We determined bMIC and bMBC by plate count method. The lowest agent concentration at which bacterial growth was lower than or equal to the control was determined as the biofilm's biofilm minimum inhibitory concentration (bMIC). bMIC50 and bMIC90 represent the lowest concentration of drug that inhibits 50% and 90% of biofilm-embedded bacteria. After incubation, the lowest agent concentration at which the biofilm-embedded bacterial colonies did not grow was determined as the biofilm minimum bactericidal concentration (bMBC) of the biofilm agent.
  • Other methods we offer
  • Instruments Substratum Method
    CDC biofilm reactor Plastic connectors Direct or viable counting, after coupons are sonicated, vortexed, and homogenized
    Flow cell Chambers with transparent surfaces Examining by confocal laser scanning microscopy
    Calgary biofilm device  Plastic polycarbonate pegs     Viable counting, after pegs are sonicated

Provided by Clients

Please inform us of your specific biofilms antimicrobial susceptibility testing services details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects.  

Service Process

Service Process

Our Features

  • CD BioSciences has accumulated rich experience in antimicrobial susceptibility testing research and offers a variety of detection methods and devices.
  • You can choose the appropriate detection method according to your scientific research needs, and our biofilm technology experts will provide you with customized service plans.

Why Choose Us?

CD BioSciences is a professional biofilm technology provider, supporting a variety of antimicrobial susceptibility testing services. We are able to perform individual tests at the most precise level, as well as design and complete a suite of services as a solution to the subject project. CD BioSciences has accumulated years of quintessence in the field of antimicrobial susceptibility testing services, helping our clients accelerate drug discovery and development and improve the overall success rate of their projects. For more details on how we can support your project with innovation, please feel free to contact us.


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For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
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CD BioSciences is a specialized company providing biofilm services with expertise in the intersection of chemistry and biophysics. Our platform offers advanced technologies to meet all your biofilm needs.

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