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Biofilm Imaging Services

One of the most important advances in the study of biofilm structure, function, and dynamics has been the ability to analyze and characterize biofilms using imaging techniques to characterize the structure-function relationships of microbial cells, and miniaturization studies to characterize biofilms physical and heterogeneous properties. Advances in chemistry and molecular biology have also improved the ability to image biofilms in three dimensions. In particular, the use of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent probes allows imaging by multiple fluorescent dyes for simultaneous analysis of individual biofilm components. Another new development in imaging techniques is super-resolution microscopy, which uses photoactivatable fluorescent proteins or probes to image at a much higher resolution than conventional light microscopy. It is likely that high-resolution methods will soon find application in biofilm research. Now, CD BioSciences provides you with a variety of biofilm imaging service to meet your scientific research needs.

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CD BioSciences provides one-stop biofilm imaging service. We offer various methods to choose from to meet your research needs.

Biofilm Imaging Services

Biofilm Imaging Services Approaches We Offer

Technique Experimental features Types and modifications Application and examples
Fluorescent protein
  • Multiple functions
  • Genetically encoded
  • No need for fixation
  • Real-time detection
  • Molecular techniques need to be developed for organisms
  • Cell physiology may be altered
  • Photoconvertable
  • Photoswitchable
  • FP timer
  • Oxygen-independent FP
  • Cell differentiation
  • Cell tracking
  • Expression profile
  • Protein localization
  • Activity indicator
  • High-resolution imaging
Fluorescent in situ hybridization
  • High target specificity
  • No genetic modification necessary
  • Exogenous addition
  • Fixation of sample is necessary
  • Peptide nucleic acid probe
  • Cell localization
  • mRNA expression profile
  • High-resolution imaging
Fluorescent stain
  • Exogenous addition
  • Can be specific for biomolecules and cellular components
  • FM1-43
  • CTC
  • BrdU-fluorescent antibody
  • Calcofluor
  • TOTO-1
  • Activity indicator
  • Viability indicator
Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FT-IR)
  • Nondestructive
  • Real-time detection
  • Chemical composition of EPS
  • Quantification of biomass
  • Spatial distribution of biomolecules
Raman spectrometry
  • Nondestructive
  • Real-time detection
  • Raman microscopy
  • SERS
  • Chemical composition of EPS
  • Quantification of biomass
  • Spatial distribution of biomolecules
Nuclear magnetic resonance microscopy
  • Nondestructive
  • Real-time detection
  • Use of isotope-labeled substrates
  • Water flow and water dynamics of EPS
  • Dynamics of metabolites

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Please inform us of your specific biofilm imaging service s details, and we can provide customized solutions for different projects. 

Service Process

Service Process

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  • The goal of CD BioSciences is to provide you with reliable and precise services that help you advance your experiments and save you time.
  • CD BioSciences is confident to provide you with affordable and reliable biofilm technology services to complete your attractive projects.
  • You can choose the appropriate analysis method according to your scientific research needs, and our biofilm technology experts will provide you with customized service plans.

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CD BioSciences is a specialized biofilm technology company with the ability to specialize in services such as biofilm imaging in an efficient and precise manner. With outstanding staff, state-of-the-art technology and facilities, CD BioSciences is able to provide you with a comprehensive range of biofilm imaging technologies. If you have this need, please feel free to contact us.

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CD BioSciences is a specialized company providing biofilm services with expertise in the intersection of chemistry and biophysics. Our platform offers advanced technologies to meet all your biofilm needs.

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